About Liquid Logic

Liquid Logic Offers Professional Water Testing Services for the Water in your Home or your Company

Most people still do not understand how water testing works and what it is for. As time goes on, our water everywhere in the world gets contaminated whether we are aware of it or not. Chemical wastes dumped in the seas and other bodies of water, oil spills, etcetera, are some factors in water pollution. Not to mention the growing industry for gravel, rocks and pebbles where rivers are killed just to get those materials to us in the city to build our houses and buildings.
Since we have no choice but to adapt to these changes that we also caused and to prevent the spread of disease by drinking contaminated water, our geniuses discovered certain water testing methods.

Our Testing Methods

Water testing is a general term used to address certain tests to check if there are any contaminants present in your water. These contaminants can be a leading cause of infectious diseases like cholera, salmonella, etc. Water testing is necessary to determine specific water quality problems. This is also done to help ensure mostly that your drinking water is safe and to check the effectiveness of your water treatment system.

Choosing the Right Test for Your Needs

Here at Logic Liquid, we make sure that your water is tested using sophisticated tools to guarantee best results. The Public Health office recommended that our waters be tested for:

  • Total Coliform Bacteria
  • Nitrite/Nitrate
  • pH, color, and turbidity
  • Sodium

We also offer:

  • Water Check 1&2 – this is done to do analysis of 19 heavy metals & minerals, 6 inorganic chemicals, and physical factors.
  • Corrosion check – if you see any signs of corrosion in your plumbing fixtures
  • Other Specialized Bacterial Testing

Let Us Test your Water Now

To learn more about our different testing methods and options, click here to get into contact with one of our sales team.

You will learn about the level of water contamination in your home or company in a detailed report, which we will provide to you once all the test results are confirmed by our lab.

Additionally, a staff member will discuss all test results with you on a Test Report Call and offer advice on how to treat the water in your house or company to increase it’s quality.